Helpdesk Departments

For technical support, billing or other complex enquiries please submit a ticket via our helpdesk. Our ticket based system allows us to keep track of enquiries from start to resolution. All tickets are responded to in a timely manor.

To Submit a ticket please select the appropriate department below:

HostZilla Sales Department

HostZilla's Sales Department can assist with pre-sales inquiries and account upgrades/downgrades.

Submit a Sales Ticket

or email our Sales Department at:

HostZilla Billing Department

HostZilla's Billing Department assists clients with inquiries related to invoices and payments.

Submit a Billing Ticket

or email our Billing Department at:

HostZilla Support Department

HostZilla's Technical Support Department handles various technical requests submitted by its clients.

Submit a Support Ticket

or email our Support Department at:

HostZilla Migration Department

HostZilla's Migration Department handles website data migration for its new and existing clients.

Submit a Migration Ticket

or email our Migration Department at:

HostZilla Affiliate Department

HostZilla's Affiliate Department handles various affiliate program questions and affiliate support.

Submit an Affiliate Ticket

or email our Affiliate Department at:

HostZilla Monitoring Department

HostZilla's Monitoring Department performs Server & Network Monitoring and ensures users compliance with the rules.

Submit a Monitoring Ticket

or email our Monitoring Department at:

HostZilla Abuse Department

HostZilla's Abuse Department handles issues with Copyright Infringement, Violation of Terms of Service or AUP.

Submit an Abuse Ticket

or email our Abuse Department at: