Affiliate Friendly $10-20 EPC Webhosting Offer Integrated with your Backend.

Location: The HostZilla Bunker
To: Prospective JV Partner

As a fellow Super Affiliate, I understand the industry from your perspective, your leads are very valuable to you and it is very necessary when you send them to an offer that this offer will convert these leads with the highest possible EPC while at the same time being respectful of these leads so that you may continue to marking them multiple offers over and over again.

I understand this is what you want and this is the reason we have created Hostzilla. Hostzilla is a web hosting company founded by Super Affiliates for super affiliates. Let me tell you a little of the background how we got started. Over the last 2 years, my organization has be consistently sending a significant amount of revenue every single month to a few different web hosting affiliate programs. So after alarge amounts of sales referred to a few different groups we discovered a few things...

Because of all these points and the obvious GAP in the industry for a High Quality Webhosting company, we started HostZilla. Hostzilla is built on 3 core principles:

In Hostzilla, we have created the perfect webhosting company that you WANT to work with. This is now a Given as most of our top partners earn $10-20 EPC on quality traffic they send to us. That is Ten to Twenty dollars in commission earnings PER CLICK. If that is not cool, then Fonzi sure ain't.

So just grabbing a link from our affiliate area and pasting it somewhere usually is not going to do the trick. To get the high EPC, we need to take a look at your sales funnel and figure out the best place for max profits.

We Work with you to Integrate into your Backend

Here are some current methods that we use to get the high converting EPC

Specialized Bonus Page
to which you send your customers and we educate them regarding traffic and offer a software as a valuable bonus. Anybody that signs up through this page will then get this software which is worth more than the hosting itself. This Bonus integrated into your sales funnell allows you to provide value for your customers so that the will be thanking you for ears to come. This bonus page pre-sell works very well at the end of your sales funnel/start of members area any typically averages around $12-15 EPC off new leads

High Converting Video Scripts.
If you are a “personable” character and love making videos or powerpoints, we have 3 HIGH converting pre-sell scripts for you to base a message to your members off and record. These only work if you are comfortable producing media and obviously not for everybody.

Specialized pre-sell lander sales page.
This long-form sales page (disguised as a consumer information site) is the PERFECT lander for cold clicks. Instead of your run-of the mill “hosting page” it is an information packed lander that educates the customer regarding web hosting and the realities an guides them to choose perfectly Hostzilla. We have had EXTREME success with this lander and we expect your cold clicks to do magnificently being sent here.

Special Banners and email swipe leading to all of the above.
I personally have written all the swipe so you know it is better than even a million dollar copywriter could produce (cause I do so well on my own, I would never be for hire)

So all these links, swipes and banners are waiting for you in our members area. What I need you to do RIGHT NOW is signup below to get your links and then get in contact with Brittany at to figure out what is the best integration or is we need to provide something custom for you.

That is all. I look forward to sending you lots of monies